Every Great Endeavor Begins With Unity !

In a world where style is often imitated , Sensei melts strives to bring you authenticity through common experience. living an organic lifestyle


We provide the predrawn frames , but look how precise the bees fill them up . If we all work together imagine what we can accomplish .

Raw Local Honey

Our Raw local Honey is sourced near the Norfolk Botanical Garden & Indian River State Park . The variety of flowers the bees reach are wide and beneficial for local allergies and flavor as well! Honey is only sold locally in Virginia. No online sales, sorry ..

  • We Love Bees

    If we can help save the bees while helping save ourselves , that's a pretty fair trade . Being up close and personal with these magnificent creatures is humbling to say the least . Teamwork wins everytime .

  • Bee Hive

    Adaptation to the elements is crucial in everyday life . Our team's hives are naturally heat treated , meaning no chimicals or harsh pesticides in the honey ! 100% Organic . Naturally bees will swarm on the outside of the hive when the internal temperatures get too high . They will then flutter their wings to move air around and control the hive temp. This action is called " bearding "


Our Clothing

Everything produced is limited edition and made for comfort! We want to brainwash you into to being the best version of yourself ! Look good , Feel good :)

Benefits of Raw Honey

~Excellent for the immune system

~ Longest shelf life of any natural food. Honey has been found in the pyramids that has yet to spoil, think about that for a second

~ Amazing healing properties dating back to ancient times

Honeybee Daily Mission

A honeybee can travel up to 6 miles away for food , and fly up to 15 miles per hour . The average worker bee produces about 1/12th teaspoon of honey in their lifetime. A hive of bees will fly 40,000 miles , more than once around the earth , to collect 1 pound of honey . The life cycle of an average honeybee is 30-60 days & the Queen bee can live up to 2 years . For having such short life spans these creatures work constant till death . We have a lot more in common than you think !